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You want to act against visible waste and pollution to protect Nature, Human health or simply because you are tired of seeing the waste near where you live/ work/ holiday?

You want to do your part but feel overwhelmed? You have some free time and want to make a "useful" outing? You want to meet other people who share the same mind-set?

You want to participate in organised clean-up operations but don't know how to find when/where they happen?

You “just” want to participate in listing polluted areas around the world?

Trash Spotter is a “pocket-tool” Application to download on smartphones (iPhone and Android) that gives each of us the opportunity to take direct action, according to our own wishes and ability, alone or with others.

In a future version of Trash Spotter, you will be able to convert your points into money (by identifying and collecting waste) and choose to which charities (local, National and International Trash Spotter partners) you wish to donate!


"Spotting" is the act of geolocating waste in the environment simply by taking a photo and by providing some basic information.

By doing this you participate in the collection of global data, which will allow the various authorities (local, regional, national, ...) to find preventative solutions.

You can clean up right away or, for whatever reason, leave it as it is - the Trash Cleaning Community or authorities will take care of it!


Cleaning can be done by:

  • “Express Clean-up”, on-the-spot when discovering waste (I spot AND I clean).
  • finding an existing Spot in the app and cleaning it alone, with family, friends, colleagues, ...
  • planning it in advance ("reserving" a Spot) for a clean-up alone, with family, friends, colleagues, ...
  • by participating in a Clean-up Operation with a greater number of people, an organisation, special tools, ...

Organising a Clean-up Operation

Organise a clean-up operation for a large quantity of waste requiring more people, a specific organisation (access, security, ...), tools, ...

Whether you’re a local group, a nonprofit organisation/NGO already involved and active in the field of clean-ups, a local authority, a business, ... or an individual who wishes to invest more time in their community. Trash Spotter is a collaborative tool that gives you access to a local network of people who are actively committed to participating in clean-up operations.

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Aperçu de l'application - Je Spotte
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Nonprofits, local authorities, institutions, businesses, ...

Become a partner of Trash Spotter and increase your visibility while committing actively to the preservation of the Environment and Human health.

Supporting and actively participating in clean-up actions and operations brings communities together and creates bridges between different generations, cultures, social backgrounds, ...

Simple and accessible actions that actively transform the surrounding environment are a catalyst for potentially far deeper and wider changes.

The advantages are wide ranging and our proposals are adapted to your structure.

To find out more, download our Partnership information folder here.


Advice for Trash Spotters

Spotting the position of waste is very simple. Just take one (or more) photo (s) or video (s) and the spot is geolocated!

You can also use the simplified "EXPRESS CLEAN-UP" function for immediate cleaning.

If you cannot or do not want to clean the spot, indicate also the type of waste, the means of access and any other information that you consider useful. This will allow Cleaners to be organised and efficient on the day.

For photos or videos, pay attention to always have authorisation of the people who may appear in them as well as authorisation of access to the spot, if it’s not part of the public domain.

Advice for Trash Cleaners

Before starting whatever size clean-up, there are a few things to consider:

  • Equipment
  • Health & safety
  • Access
  • Waste disposal

Whether as an individual, with family, friends or during an organised operation, we advise you to download our "Trash Guide", so that everything remains fun!

In all cases, work safely. Pay attention to your own abilities and take regular breaks.

If you discover toxic waste (even if you are in doubt), do not touch or move it. Report it to the relevant local authorities.

Please note that Trash Spotter cannot be held liable under any circumstances for loss or damage to property or accidents or injuries which may occur during geolocation or cleaning of waste.

Consult our Terms & Conditions here.